12P15 – Nort Lab 10ml




12P15 Nort Lab 10ml

12P15 Nort Lab 10ml managing pain in horses is important for a lot of reasons: There are humane benefits in addition to medical ones, such as maintenance of weight, shorter hospital stays, and lower total patient bills. At the 2007 American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention, held Dec. 1-5 in Orlando, Fla., Nora Matthews, DVM, Dipl. ACVA (anesthesiology specialist), a professor of veterinary medicine at Texas A&M University, presented a review of pain medications commonly used to manage pain after operations and for chronic conditions.

12P15 Nort Lab the epidural route is probably best known for its common usage to kill pain in women delivering babies. However, it’s also used in horses for severe hind-end lameness. A catheter can be placed to allow intermittent dosing, or medication can be given one time. Morphine, ketamine, tramadol, xylazine, and detomidine can be used, but some loss of motor function might occur. In every inflammatory and painful process, skeletal muscle (arthropathies, myopathy, etc.) stimulates and increases the performance in the race. It diminishes the signs of inflammation (heat-pain-inflammation). Relieves the symptoms of injuries such as arthritis and allergic processes.


10 ml blister vial.
Equines one bottle daily or by prescription of the veterinary doctor


Vitamin B12 2,000 mcg.
Vitamin B15 0.200grs.
Dexamethasone 0.010grs.
Benzyl alcohol 0.200grs.
Propylene glycol 8000grs.
Tris-distilled water
Apirogena esteril c.s.p. 10 ml.


Dexa 0.1% : 1mg/ml , 10mg /bottle

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