Bio Bleeder 100ml for Horses




Bio Bleeder 100ml for Horses

Bio Bleeder 100ml for Horses – Bio Blood Builder, Bio Bleeder, and Bio Blocker are the most popular products that stop bleeding in the horse’s nose and are also qualified for anti-inflammatory treatments, while SGF-5000, ENfuro 500, Buffet Paste and Bio Breather are the most pre-race products are best for relieving pain and increasing energy levels in horses and camels. Bio Bleeder is 100% drug-free and it contains no prohibited substances and does not swab and is totally safe to use in competition. All users must adhere to the rules of racing in their country or state.

Bio Bleeder is natural contains no prohibited substances; is absolutely safe to use on all-powerful horses and racing camels. It has a positive influence on the performance and overall health of the animal, which can be used as a precursor and as a training aid. Bio Bleeder is multifunctional, not only goals and helps prevent bleeding, but also helps with capillary repair and lung healing. IAD has also been shown to help as a maintenance product.

Bio Bleeder 100ml is a natural preparation without prohibited substances and without side effects, no tampon. The research and development of Bio Bleeder are so advanced that it is compared to and performs better than the leading bleeding medicines. So if you want to earn a lot of dollars to win a race, you need to choose one of these stop bleeding racehorses that are prescribed by veterinarians to keep your horse healthy and active.

Training Aid:
Give 10ml IV of Bio Bleeder 3-4 hours before training or strenuous workout.

Bio Bleeder should be refrigerated or kept in a cool dark room. Keep out of children’s reach.

Performance Dosage:
Give 20ml IV or orally 8 hours before the competition. It must be administered by a licensed veterinarian if used IV and the rules of racing must apply.

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