Deosect 5% Spray Solution


Product must be diluted as per above instructions. Do not apply to broken skin. Wear impermeable gloves, rubber boots & a face shield when handling the product. Apply in a well ventilated area only. Deosect is flammable.



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Deosect 5% Spray Solution is diluted every two weeks and applied locally to the horse to effectively control flies and lice. Deosect 5% should be applied monthly during the racing season, up to every two weeks in horses with lice and, if necessary, in contact with horses. An effective and efficient residual Deosect insecticide, produced by Zoetis, has been specially developed to control flies and lice in donkeys and horses. Sweet itchy horses can plague mosquitoes. Because it is a flammable product, it cannot be shipped through Royal Mail, so delivery costs will be charged. We recommend a patch test before using on donkeys and horses. Deosect must be diluted before use and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Below you will find the product sheet. This is provided by the manufacturer and must always be supplied with medications.

Deosect 5% Spray Solution in contact with horses. Only 10 ml of Deosect diluted with 500 ml of water is enough to treat a 500 kg horse. It can then be applied with a sponge, hand sprayer or backpack sprayer. To combat fly fishing, Deosect must be applied at the beginning of the racing season and repeated monthly. For tight control overhead and face, it can be applied every two weeks. To control lice, Deosect must be administered as soon as observed and the doses repeated as necessary with a minimum interval of 14 days. Deosect 5% Spray Solution

For animal treatment only.
For external use only.
Do not apply to any lesions where the skin is broken.
Do not spray in or near milking parlors or where milking machinery may be contaminated.
The product can be safely used during pregnancy and lactation.
Deosect spray is of low toxicity and acute poisoning is unlikely to occur.

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250ml, 1 liter


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