Lutalyse 5mg/ml Solution for Injection 30ml


Lutalyse contains Dinoprost, a synthetic prostaglandin F2a. Lutalyse is used in reproductive medicine of horses & Ponies. It has a luteolytic (destruction of the corpus luteum) and oxytocin like effect to help control the timing of oestrus in mares. This medication is also licenced for use in pigs and cattle.



Lutalyse 5 mg/ml Solution for Injection

Lutalyse 5mg/ml Solution for Injection is a sterile solution containing naturally occurring prostaglandin F2 alpha (dinoprost) in the form of the tromethamine salt. Each ml contains dinoprost tromethamine corresponding to 5 mg dinoprost: also benzyl alcohol added 16.5 mg as a preservative and water for injections. If necessary, the pH was adjusted with sodium hydroxide and/or hydrochloric acid. Dinoprost tromethamine is a white or slightly off-white crystalline powder that is easily soluble in water at room temperature in concentrations of at least 200 mg/ml. As with any multi-dose vial, use aseptic techniques to reduce the risk of bacterial infections after injection when taking each dose. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the vial stopper before entering with a sterile needle and syringe. Use only sterile needles and use each needle only once.

Lutalyse 5mg/ml Solution for Injection a 100 ml bottle may only be used for cattle. A 30 ml bottle can be used for cattle, pigs or mares. For intramuscular use to induce labor in pigs. Lutalyse Injection is indicated for the induction of labor in pigs when injected within 3 days of the normal expected delivery. The response to treatment varies from animal to animal with an average interval of an injection of 2 ml of Lutalyse (10 mg dinoprost) to approximately 30 hours of work. This can be used to control the delivery time of sows and gilts in late pregnancy.

Lutalyse 5mg/ml Solution for Injection management considerations, Several factors must be considered for the successful use of Lutalyse injection to induce labor in pigs. The product must be administered at a relatively specific time (treatment earlier than 3 days prior to the normal expected postpartum period can lead to increased piglet mortality). It is important that adequate records are kept of the average duration of gestation for the animals at a given location and about the holding and the expected date of birth for each animal. This information is needed to determine the correct time for Lutalyse injection.

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