Prosolvin Solution for injection


Prosolvin Solution for injection to regulate oestrus, treat subesthesia and to treat chronic endometritis, pyometra, and mummified or macerated fetuses.


Prosolvin Solution for injection in each ml of a clear solution for injection. Luprostiol is a potent synthetic analog of natural prostaglandin, Prosolvin has fewer side effects than natural prostaglandins such as sweating and colic. For a better duration of the activity, a single injection of Prosolvin is sufficient to be effective. The mean half-life in plasma is 70 minutes, much longer than for natural prostaglandins. Thanks to this long half-life and high safety, Prosolvin is a clear choice in mares reproduction management.

Prosolvin Solution for injection can be used to induce second heat after a foal, to treat persistent luteum, to synchronize oestrus, to treat pyometra and endometritis, to induce abortion and to induce labor. Prosolvin is effective in mares to stimulate fertile estra, termination of pregnancy after fetal death, termination of pseudo-pregnancy and treatment of anesthesia during breastfeeding.

Prosolvin Solution for injection can also be used in bovine to regulate oestrus, treat subesthesia and to treat chronic endometritis, pyometra, and mummified or macerated fetuses. Prosolvin’s activity is focused on the genital tract. Therefore, it has a very low effect on the smooth muscles of digestion, which explains high safety. This advantage is essential in horses that are very sensitive to the side effects of prostaglandins. The high safety of Prosolvin is due to its higher affinity for prostaglandin receptors on the corpus luteum for luteolysis and its slower degradation in the lungs, resulting in longer functioning.

Prosolvine contains synthetic prostaglandin Luprostiol. It causes regression of the corpus luteum, followed by a return to oestrus and normal ovulation. It has many uses in horses. Treatment of Anoestrus Breastfeeding (oestrus and ovulation should occur 4 to 8 days after treatment)  Prosolvin Solution for injection of abortion can be treated from 1 week to 5 months after fogging. Abortion should occur within 7 days after injection. Some cases, especially in later pregnancy, may require a second or third treatment. End of persistent dioester (in mares, estroid should occur within 5 days after treatment, then ovulation 2-4 days later). They also had to loosen pelvic ligaments and a functional udder with colostrum. After treatment, delivery must take place within a few hours.

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